Team 46 Statement on Vandalism at Jewish Museum

Friday, March 17, 4:45pm

March 17, 2017

Six months ago, we would never have believed that Jewish institutions in our state and country would be enduring vandalism and bomb threats. Unfortunately, since November, these incidents have become all too frequent.  This morning, we were informed that a sign outside the Jewish Museum of Maryland in Jonestown had been vandalized with a swastika drawing. Compounding the seriousness of this incident was the timing: it occurred during the Auschwitz exhibit at the Jewish Museum and a gathering of Associated members. We condemn this action in the strongest terms, and similarly condemn the bomb threats and other acts of intimidation and violence against Jewish institutions and people in Maryland. 

The Jewish Museum of Maryland is a cultural and historical gem that we are proud to have in District 46. The Lloyd Street Synagogue - the oldest synagogue in Maryland and third-oldest in the U.S. - sits next to the Museum and represents an important and living symbol of the importance and history of Jewish Marylanders. Rabbi Etan Mintz and Marvin Pinkert are two of the great leaders in our district, and we commend them on the work they have done supporting their institutions and the neighborhood of Jonestown.

Unfortunately, these incidents have become all too common in our country. In the first 10 days of the new administration, the Southern Poverty Law Center counted 867 hate incidents around the country. These actions of hate are evil and unacceptable and must be condemned. 

None of us should be silent when incidents like these occur in our communities. We must speak out, reject this intolerance, and defend the diversity of our great state. We are committed to fighting against anti-Semitism and hate in any form or toward any religion in our state. We stand in support of the Jewish Museum of Maryland and all institutions of faith in our community. We hope that all our district residents and others will show solidarity and support of the Jewish Museum in these ugly times. We will continue to speak out against hate and to build bridges, not walls. 

See the official PDF here.