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Sunday, March 27, 9:13pm

Wow! In the past two weeks, so much has happened that I hardly know where to start.  I hope you had a wonderful Easter, if you celebrate! Eben, Teddy, and I enjoyed church at St. Ignatius in the morning, followed by an Easter egg hunt in our local park, and dinner with family and friends.  And now, it’s back to Annapolis.

Monday, March 21, 5:13pm


For Immediate Release

March 21, 2016

Contact: Katlyn Clark


Tuesday, March 15, 8:05am

It's crossover week in the General Assembly! Next Monday, March 21 at 11:59 p.m. marks the deadline for bills to be passed in the chamber in which they were introduced and to “cross over” to the other chamber for consideration. Because a record number of bills has been introduced his year, this week will be very busy! Read below about more money for Baltimore City schools, Program Open Space funding, and local bond bills for District 46!

Sunday, February 28, 9:50pm

The past two weeks were busy with budget briefings and visits with constituents! Last week, I was honored to speak at a rally to preserve funding for providers treating behavioral health conditions. The rally to help “Keep the Door Open” to patients was a huge success, and I hope that we are able to pass this important legislation to make sure anyone can get the treatment they need.

Thursday, February 18, 10:50pm

IMG_5375.JPGWhen I ran for office, all around the City people brought up the issue of public transit: Why is MTA so unreliable? Why don’t we have a better subway system? Why don’t we have any say in how MTA runs our public transit?

Tuesday, February 16, 3:54pm

Happy February - I hope you stayed warm during the very cold weekend!  It has been an incredibly fast-paced session so far, with no signs of slowing down.  Below I discuss some of the bill hearings and budget briefings we’ve had, but I’ve also found time to have many meetings with constituents who have come down to advocate on a variety of topics - from bikes to animals to transit! IMG_4502.JPG

In Annapolis


Monday, February 15, 5:55pm

In addition to my work reviewing budget priorities and items as a member of the Appropriations Committee, I am also sponsoring a number of important legislative initiatives this session.  Below are some of the items I am working on… if you have questions, please contact my office at!

Monday, February 1, 9:16am

I hope you and your family stayed safe and warm during the snow, and that you were able to get out to work as needed! If your street remains unplowed or public throughways are not clear, please contact either 311 or my office at 410-841-3319 so we can help ensure your street is cleared.

In Annapolis

The last time I emailed, we were just about to vote to override several vetoes by the Governor.  At this time, the House has voted to override all six of the Governor’s vetoes, and the Senate has voted to override 5 of 6 - with one vote left to take.

FY17 Budget

Tuesday, January 19, 8:35am


Friends & Neighbors:

This is the first of the bi-weekly updates that I will send out and post on my website regarding the 2016 General Assembly Session.  The 2016 Session has started off strong! Leaders have informed us that there have been a record-level of bills requested for drafting, meaning we may have some very long days in hearings and on the floor voting. (This is a picture of me and my friends and fellow Baltimore legislators, Cory McCray and Antonio Hayes).

Wednesday, January 6, 11:00am

Another year has ended, and a new one has begun.  Today we are one week away from the start of my second session in the General Assembly.  Last year was certainly a milestone year for me and my family, as I was sworn in as a State Delegate in January, appointed to the Appropriations Committee, and worked to effectively represent District 46.