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Sunday, June 22, 11:04pm

This Tuesday, June 24, is Election Day! The polls are open from 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. To find your polling place, visit the Maryland Board of Elections here.

I hope I have earned your support! After a year of knocking on doors, attending community meetings, and talking with voters around Baltimore, I am more excited than ever to work together to build a better Baltimore, and a better Maryland.

Get out and vote!

After the polls close, join Team 46 at the Boathouse Waterfront Grille in Canton to watch the election results. Thank you for your support!

Thursday, June 19, 7:28pm
Today, the Baltimore Sun endorsed Brooke’s candidacy for Delegate in the 46th District, writing that: "… we endorse Ms. Lierman on the strength of her successful pro bono work with South Baltimore communities to fight the licensure or expansion of trouble-prone bars and taverns. That shows dedication, an understanding of the community she seeks to serve and the kind of moxie we could use in Annapolis."
Thursday, June 12, 9:34am

Starting today, registered voters can go early vote! Early voting runs from today through next Thursday, June 19 from 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. every day. Voting early is a good way to ensure you can take the time to cast your ballot, and avoid lines on Election Day.

Read more for the details about the two early voting locations closest to District 46.

Tuesday, June 3, 9:10am

Today, we are excited to release a 2 1/2 minute video that highlights some of the themes of our campaign to Build a Better Baltimore, and discusses why I am running for State Delegate.  I am so grateful to the many friends and supporters who helped pull together this video - along with those who offered to share why they are voting for me on Election Day!  Please share this video with your friends around District 46, and invite them to join our campaign and vote on Election Day!

Monday, June 2, 9:54pm

My latest mail piece – which should be hitting your door soon if you are a registered Democrat in District 46 – highlights my belief that in order for Baltimore to grow and thrive, we must focus on strengthening our neighborhoods.  To learn more about my ideas for building a better Baltimore, click on the Issues tab. Take a look at the mail piece below and let me know what you think! 

Thursday, May 29, 1:41am

Because strong schools build strong neighborhoods, it is vital that Baltimore City Public Schools have the funding they need to thrive.  As a parent who plans to send my son to a Baltimore City public school, I also have a personal stake in ensuring that our schools are worthy of our children. This week's mail piece highlights my plan to invest in our schools, ensuring that students, parents, and educators all have the supporters they need. 

I hope I can earn your support in the primary election on June 24, and between now and then I hope you will join me in spreading our campaign message of building a better Baltimore!


Tuesday, May 27, 8:02am

With less than a month to go until Primary Day on June 24, I am happy to announce that today my campaign filed our latest finance report, and that the campaign remains on solid financial footing.  During this reporting period (covering January 9 through May 21) we raised over $37,000, and have over $47,000 remaining in the bank to help propel us towards Election Day.

Thursday, May 22, 7:50am

Political reporter Josh Kurtz visited Baltimore one Saturday in early May, and reported on Brooke and her campaign. Kurtz writes that it's Brooke's "warm personality and an Energizer Bunny spirit that is fueling her Happy Warrior campaign (these she inherited from her dad), as she goes from neighborhood to neighborhood, often by bike, and frequently with her young son Teddy in tow." Read the rest of the article here.

Thursday, May 22, 7:47am

This week's mail piece highlights the work I have done representing community groups that are working to make their neighborhoods safer for all residents and businesses.  This piece discusses the work I did on behalf of the Highlandtown Community Association in December 2012, when we secured the revocation of a liquor license at a dangerous bar on Eastern Avenue.  I am excited to be an ally at the state level to community associations around District 46 that are working to building safe and thriving neighborhoods.

Tuesday, May 13, 1:24am

I am excited to report that this week our campaign is sending out its first direct-mail piece to targeted registered Democrats in District 46.  Although I've knocked on over 10,000 doors, there are so many people that we have not yet been able to reach.  This first piece is our "Bio" piece -- it is intended to tell voters who I am.  Our mail plan will also highlight some of my priorities should I be elected one of the State Delegates for District 46.  We'll be posting all our mail pieces on this blog, so feel free to check back regularly to see them all!