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Policy Agenda

Transparent Government

As the Chief Financial Officer for the state of Maryland, the Comptroller’s primary responsibility is the administration of the State’s tax and financial system. The Comptroller has responsibility for and oversight of revenue collection, and partners with the Treasurer to oversee our public spending, pensions, and investments. The Comptroller should also play a critical role as an independent auditor to fight fraud, waste, and abuse. The Comptroller also plays a role in ensuring that all Maryland residents have equal and easy access to state services and systems regardless of their identity and ability.


Promoting a Culture of Proactive Disclosure

Brooke believes that our state agencies should not wait for Public Information Act requests (PIAs) and instead should ensure that regular reporting and metrics are shared continuously with the public. She will ensure that the Comptroller’s office champions a policy of proactively disclosing reporting, metrics, payments and more so that anyone who wants to know who is being paid for what will be able to find it easily and quickly online. Read more about her ideas to create OpenBookMaryland.

Promoting Accessibility in State Systems

Accessibility for people with disabilities needs to be front and center in the procurement process for both public- and employee-facing systems, especially technology and IT purchases and contracts. Brooke will be an advocate for accessibility in state construction projects and procurement contracts through the Comptroller’s seat on the Board of Public Works (BPW). Brooke will call for the development of an independent IT testing group, which will include individuals with disabilities, to ensure that proposed and final systems meet the accessibility needs of every Marylander. Read more about Brooke’s plans for procurement reform.

Promoting Transparency in Goals & Funding for People with Disabilities

State agencies should be transparent about their hiring goals, the percentage of employees with disabilities, and disability funding. As Comptroller, Brooke will demand adequate funding and transparency for state agencies and apply oversight to those agencies’ efforts.

Ensuring Inclusiveness & Accessibility of Forms and Systems

Under Brooke’s leadership, the Comptroller’s Office will review all forms and systems to ensure inclusivity and accessibility to all. Her Office will work to update name change systems to improve the accuracy of Maryland’s official communications..

Ensuring the Office of Comptroller Reflects the Population of Maryland

The Comptroller’s Office and the services it provides must be accessible to every Maryland resident. The Comptroller’s Office will model state agency leadership in serving and employing a diverse workforce. Under Brooke’s leadership, residents with disabilities will avail themselves of services. Her Office will be a model employer for people with disabilities and people of every demographic.


  • Brooke has advocated for people with disabilities for 10 years, successfully suing universities, states, and the US Military around the country to ensure ADA and other civil rights laws were respected and followed.
  • Brooke has led the charge to bring more transparency to government agencies, first requiring a report by the Public Information Act Ombudsman’s office regarding responsiveness of state agencies, and then drafting and championing legislation to expand and enforce Maryland’s Public Information Act. 
  • Brooke has been instrumental in uncovering lackluster enforcement by the Maryland Department of the Environment through her work requiring quarterly reporting and is championing legislation to require more public reporting of enforcement of our environmental and natural resources laws.